Aftercare/Matrix Program

The After/Matrix program is designed to assist youth who have substance abuse issues.  MYSWS Matrix program will focus attention on youth who are struggling with addictions due to the multiple concerns, including:

  •  Youth in School in need of treatment
  • Relapse shortly after day or residential treatment
  • Family Dynamics – unresolved issues
  • Environmental factors – i.e.: gangs, violence, peer pressure, self harm, etc.
  • Crime prevention
  • Lack of youth support systems

The Matrix Model for Teens helps clients by:

  • The client receives extensive information about issues critical to addiction and relapse.
  • The client’s family takes an active role in substance-abuse recovery.
  • The explicit framework lets clients know exactly what is expected of them, alleviating anxiety.
  • Exercises that promote self-esteem, dignity, and self-worth.
  • Instructional design will turn basic information into “ah-ha” moments.
  • Youth-friendly graphic design, illustrations, and stickers
  • Shorter group-session lengths to accommodate attention spans

The Aftercare/Matrix program will be delivered in a group setting of one full day once a month for follow-up purposes. Aftercare provides the youth with on-going support, advice and guidance so that the youth will continue to stay on healthy path in their lives.


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